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Riley Rochester Investigates - New Victorian Detective Series from Wendy Soliman


In 1870s London, Scotland Yard’s famous Detective Department is still in its infancy.

Surrounded on all sides by critics and detractors, it has yet to earn its reputation. Lord

Riley Rochester, younger son of a marquess, works as one of its first detective

inspectors—but his uniformed colleagues view him with suspicion and his immediate

superior resents all he stands for. With his career choice frowned upon by his own

social class, Riley has his work cut out proving himself. Attacked on all sides, Riley’s

only respite comes in the form of attractive widow, Amelia Cosgrove, and his

effervescent niece, Sophia.


When a debutante is murdered in the home of Lord Ashton, a man who considers his

position and reputation as a fragile framework for his ambitions, Riley’s vengeful

superior hands him the investigation, hoping to see him fail. As Riley and his sergeant,

Jack Salter, delve into the circumstances surrounding Emily Ferguson’s death, it

quickly becomes apparent that his own class expect him to exonerate its members from

all blame. But the murder was committed at a society event, and Riley’s conscience won’t

allow him to ignore the evidence that points to one of the guests—or hosts—being the killer.


With Salter proving himself increasingly indispensable and Amelia unofficially helping with some of the more sensitive issues, Riley quickly discovers that the case is anything but straightforward. Everyone appears to have something to hide and no one seems to be telling him the whole truth. Fending off a mother determined to see Riley married and abandoning his career, and with Sophia clamouring for his attention, Riley is run ragged. Tempers fray as a heatwave holds London in its sweltering grasp and when a second death occurs, Riley fears he may be incapable of preventing a terrible miscarriage of justice.


As the tension escalates, Riley comes under increasing pressure to solve both murders. Will he and Jack manage to uncover the true identity of the killer without endangering those whom Riley holds most dear…



Death of a Debutante